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Engine parts & accessories for lawnmowers, brushcutters, chainsaws, construction equipment & more.  Established in 1979 with more then 40 years of being a market leader
Largest chainsaw chain, bars & accessoires manufacturers in the world, with a vast range of cutting equipment for all makes & models of chainsaws

The Speed Group is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Nylon cutting line, and with only the best virgin materials used quality & durability is assured

Founded in 1990 Tandem Lawn Industries have been manufacturing Lawn Equipment for over 22 years, with Tandem being one of the largest manufacturers of its kind on the African continent
The Torx range of power products gaurantee the highest performance & quality, complete with range of commercial engines for many applications

One of the oldest names in the business with the priority being on high quality for South African conditions

Made in Japan, Samurai has specialised in cutting tools for over 100 years, producing technically advanced saws at the highest standards possible.

Your next generation fly catcher is here! Designed to either be hung up or placed on the ground. The beauty of the iCatchi fly trap is that it keeps the bait & insect separate allowing the flies to dry out naturally enabling you to dispose of them & clean out the trap without hassle or fuss.

The leader in battery powered outdoor equipment power tools for DIY & landscaping professionals.  With a robust line-up of Voltages, including 24V, 40V, Pro 60V & high powered commercial 82V battery powered cordless tools we have the right tool for every job.  Equipment include lawn products, Zero Turns, Riders, Utility Vehicles, Gokarts, mini-bikes & more.